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We invite the submission of all papers related to entrepreneurship in Africa. Papers may address any phase or aspect of the entrepreneurial process, such as start-up, finance, growth, management and influences of and effects on economic development and may focus solely on one country, on comparisons between countries or cross-border entrepreneurship.

Best papers will be recognized for special awards and selected papers will be published in the Journal of Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research (JABER), the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship or the Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR).

Please click on the conference Call for Papers for more information.

Pour des informations en français, veuillez cliquer sur Appel à Communications

Please address any request to conference@africabusiness.org. Papers in English or French will be considered for presentation.


  • Foundations promoting entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and government promotion of entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Connecting research and entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Language, culture, and entrepreneurship
  • Doing business in Africa: public policy options for a business-enabling environment
  • Entrepreneurship and healthcare
  • Entrepreneurship and technology
  • Entrepreneurship and clean energy
  • Entrepreneurship and social justice
  • Entrepreneurship and processing of raw materials
  • Intercultural communication and business
  • Business education and foreign languages
  • University partnerships and entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Business incubation/accelerators
  • Business financing: venture capital, private equity, banks, capital markets, angel investors, crowdfunding, microfinance…
  • Chinese and Indian business engagement with Africa
  • The Diaspora investment, remittances and entrepreneurship
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, and microenterprises
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Youth and entrepreneurship
  • Rural entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, HR or supply chain management
  • Other topics appropriate for this conference

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Prof. Van Wood
Director – VCU Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA – www.ciba.vcu.edu)
(or Ms. Julianne Harrington, Assistant to the Director)
Phone: (1) 804-828-1746 or 804-519-2022
E-mail: vrwood@vcu.edu

Prof. Patricia Cummins
School of World Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond (USA)
Phone: (1) 804-827-0958
E-mail: pcummins@vcu.edu

Prof. Pierre Yourougou
Whitman School of Management,
Syracuse University, USA
Phone: (1) 315-443-8087
Email: pyouroug@syr.edu

Prof. Issouf Soumaré
Faculty of Business Administration
Laval University, Canada
Phone: (1) 418-656-3423
Email: Issouf.Soumare@fsa.ulaval.ca

Ms. Diana N. Ntamu
Makerere University Business School, Uganda
Phone: +256-414-338-125 /6
Email: dntamu@mubs.ac.ug

Prof. Evelyn Odonkor
American University of Paris and Université Paris Dauphine (France)
Email : eodonkor@aup.edu[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]