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The Society provides the following services to its membership:

  • The Journal of African Business and Entrepreneurship Research, a quality academic journal for its members to disseminate their research internationally. It is available in both traditional paper and online versions. Publication is limited to the membership, and its reviewers are dedicated to maximise the quality and inclusiveness of papers.
  • The African Business and Entrepreneurship Conference is held annually with its venue rotating to a different country. Its location will be in a different country every year, with a normal rotation of two African countries followed by a non-African one.
  • The Academy of African Business and Entrepreneurship Blog provides a forum in which Fellows can debate issues and disseminate ideas informally.
  • Book Publication Services: The Society has negotiated with &&&&&&& Publishers to provide a series of monographs and edited books written by Society members. All books are subjected to a rigorous review process.
  • Medals, Awards and Grants: The Society awards a number of medals and prizes for distinguished scholarship and contributions to the advancement of African business and entrepreneurship, and administers small grants for encouraging research amongst junior scholars. [All these medals and prizes would be personally named either from the person who donated the prize or after an honorary fellow (see below). The list of prizes would be expected to grow in time]
  • Public Lectures: The incoming President inaugurates his term of office with a public lecture which is recorded and made available to all members in paper and video format. In years when there is no incoming president, the annual public lecture will be given by other distinguished scholars or practitioners. [A partnership with a media organisation to make it especially effective.]
  • Video Library and Teaching Repository: The Society collects, archives and makes available to its members teaching cases, manuals of best practice and teaching videos donated by its members.
  • Regional Retreat and Small Conference: The Society supports regional retreats or conferences organized by its affiliated institutions.
  • Facilitation for Collaborative Research Initiatives: Groups of members who wish to collaborate on research projects across several countries can apply for advisory support to help identify new partners, seek funding and obtain constructive reviews on methods and research approaches. [Note that this is very important, as a Fellowship needs common projects to bind people]