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The Society is a network of academic scholars and business professionals dedicated to the understanding and advancement of business and entrepreneurship in Africa, in a broad and inclusive sense.

The Society promotes academic and professional research and publications on issues related to business and entrepreneurship in Africa through conferences and distribution of an academic journal, professional periodical and other medias.

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15 July 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline

15 July 2017

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31 August 2017

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4-7 October 2017

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Message from the President of the Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society

Africa has always been in the news for bad things, conflict, poverty, natural disasters and diseases. All these have been attributed to inability for Africa to develop and consequently address its own problems. In recent years, this has been changing. There has been a feeling that it is time for Africa to grow and transform. This is coming after the emergence of China and India in the last 20 to 30 years as economic giants. These two countries have witnessed tremendous social economic transformation while Africa has lagged behind. More

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